4 Injury Reducing Stretches For Runners

4 Injury Reducing Stretches For Runners

Do these stretches after your training session to reduce injury, increase flexibility, and #KeepGoing

1. Quadricep Stretch: Stand tall and lift your left ankle to your but. Hold the ankle and feel the stretch through your quad. Only stretch within your range of motion. Never put too much stress on your knee. However, if you do have a better range of motion, you can try a kneeling quad stretch.Kneel on a soft pad with your right knee. Place your left foot flat on the floor in front of you and grab your right ankle. Get tall and pull your ankle toward your butt. Brace your abs and squeeze your right butt cheek. Push your hips forward as you slightly shift your weight forward.

2. Knee Hug to Reverse Lunge: start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your right knee to your chest, grab it and hold. Now release the left and take a big step backward into a reverse lunge. DO NOT rest your right knee on the floor. The power should come from your quad to keep you up. Your left knee should be above your ankle with almost equal weight distribution between feet.

3. IT Band: Lay on a foam roller sideways and roll just below your hipbone to just above the knee bone. Do this 20 times on each side. The pressure from the roller will help to release the tension.

4. Hip Flexors: Rest your leg on the back of a chair or couch, pull your navel into your spine and gently lunch forward. Hold this pose. You should feel this right in your hip flexor. Repeat 3 times, holding for 30 seconds for both legs.

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