3 Easy Ways To Make Fitness Stick

3 Easy Ways To Make Fitness Stick


Whether it’s the cool breeze in your hair, the dirt under your nails, or that outdoor fitness has beenproven to boost happiness, there is just something so addicting about being outside. It has actually been found that90 minutes of walking in a natural environment can reduce repetitive, negative self-thoughts (sounds like runner's high!) In other words, taking a hike could literally save your life! (See: 10 Essentials of Hiking)


Exercising by yourself way help with relieving stress, but a partner makes working out more fun. Partners help to keep you accountable in your routine, and isn't it more fun to have someone there to see you FINALLY add that 2nd plate to your bench press? We thought so. #BigGains


If a long run seems daunting, get outside for three brisk 10-minute walks during the day. This can be incredibly easy to accomplish. Think about going to that cafe you love - the one that's just a little farther from your office than the Starbucks across the street. Or what about walking to a park to eat your lunch? Research has shown that three shorter walks can have the same calorie-burning benefits as one longer 30-minute walk.

Strength training doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, basic exercises like squats and lunges can burn more calories than more focused moves (like leg extensions and hamstring curls) because they work larger muscle groups. You can also turn them into full-body exercises by incorporating an overhead press or bicep curls, to work your shoulders and arms.

Pro Tip: Focus on simple, multi-muscle body weight exercises, like push-ups or walking lunges when pressed for time, and perform them outside for an extra boost.

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