FitMyFoot Insoles - Pink

Length: Full Length

Full length insoles are best for everyday shoes while 3/4 length insoles are best for narrow shoes and men's dress shoes.


FitMyFoot insoles offer custom arch support and are clinically proven to reduce pain, increase stability and improve comfort. An effective, affordable alternative to medical-grade orthotics. We 3D print your insoles to fit you and nobody else. Designed to relieve plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, under-pronation, flat feet, high arches, knee, hip, and back pain.

Try your FitMyFoot products for 30 days. Don't love them? We'll refund you, no questions asked.

Custom Arch Support

Dynamic tuned arch design provides custom positioned support in specific areas of the foot, while being flexible in others. This novel design supports your foot and ankle where you need it, but allows your foot to move as it was naturally designed to move which helps maintain posture and overall strength.

Durable Premium Footbed

Premium foam material to deliver best in class compression set which keeps your foot cushioned and supported over extended wear. Consistent density throughout entire footbed provides balanced, distributed support under all areas of the foot.

Deep Contoured Heel Cushion

All-day shock absorption and cushioning to relieve heel discomfort. A biomechanically optimized heel shape that allows the calcaneous bone to better align with the insole and enhance the performance of the custom arch.

Breathable Fabric

Stay comfortable and sweat-free all day. Adds a touch of spring without adding excessive bulk to your shoes.

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Grant Evans

FitMyFoot Insoles - Black

Matt D (Cary, US)
Katie Doran was a huge help.

Loved my Fit My Foot experience and the assistance provided by Katie Doran. I will definitely be purchasing more for my wife and I.

Jack Reall
Great product with good support ;)

I tried the FitMyFoot insoles a few years ago. They didn’t seem right at first, but then they had me measure again and the new ones were perfect. I have since bought 5 or 6 sets for all my shoes and to replace the ones I wore out. I love them.

Jim Pruitt (Issaquah, US)
Good insoles

The foot bed is comfortable and requires no break in period since it is built to match my foot. I find the pad to be a bit flimsy which caused it to want to bunch up when sliding into my shoe. It is comfortable for everyday and all day wear. I am not sure how well it will stand up under heavy loads. Time will tell.

Customer (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Great Insoles

I suffer from neuropathy and these as well as the custom sandals make waking and wearing footwear much more comfortable. There is so much neuropathy and I think these should be promoted to that audience.