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Not ready to commit to custom? Introducing FitMyFoot Comfort Insoles. 

Available for high and low-to-medium arches, these insoles are made with the same high-quality, moisture-wicking top layer and durable nylon shell used in FitMyFoot Comfort Plus insoleswithout the wait that comes with ordering custom. Simply select your size and arch height, and that's it! 


    30 Day Happiness Guarantee

    If you aren't 100% satisfied with your Wiivvs, return them in 30 days for a full refund.

    Manufacturer Warranty

    We guarantee our insoles will last at least 1 year or we'll replace them with a brand new pair.

    Shoe Types

    Three quarter length insoles sit on top of the factory-made insoles that come in your shoes and are well suited for casual and everyday pursuits.


    • Custom-fit arch support without a doctor's visit
    • Custom colors for personalized style
    • Deep heel cup to stabilize your heel and absorb shock
    • Flexible insole to support your dynamic healthy range of motion
    • High-performance foam tested to 150,000 cycles
    • Ultra thin
    • Waterproof, sweatproof

    Helps With

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Wiivv's custom arch support is designed to reduce the pressure and loading of the plantar fascia, getting you moving pain-free, so you can #KeepGoing.

    Foot Fatigue

    Wiivv's stabilizing heel cup and custom-fit arch support improve comfort and are scientifically proven to reduce forces on the muscles and ligaments of the foot, decreasing foot fatigue.

    Flat Feet

    Our Biomechanic Smart Filters identify flat feet and map a supportive arch unique to the size of your foot, offering a healthier alignment and reducing uneven loading and pressure.

    High Arch

    Wiivvs offer custom support for your high arches allowing you to distribute even weight and pressure across your entire foot's surface.

    Knee, hip or back pain

    Knee, hip and back pain is often caused by joint misalignment. Wiivvs help put your feet back into a natural, aligned position, optimizing your biomechanics and reducing unhealthy and uneven strain on your knees, hips and back.

    Happy customers who used this product

    Happy customers who used this product

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    Tapered no-slip edge for maximum comfort

    Our new and improved 3/4 design features a tapered edge, giving you a smooth transition from insole to shoe.

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    Shock absorbing heel cup

    Absorb shock as you pound the pavement.