Crowdfunding FAQ

Thank you so much for your support! Feel free to send us your question at, but below are the most common questions we've received in the last 48 hours.

1. I ordered multiple pairs, how do I give one pair to someone else?

Your gift code has exactly enough credit for all the items you pledged for. To give a pair of sandals away, all you need to do is forward the email with your code to the other person. They must personalize their items and checkout themselves. Your gift code can be used multiple times and by different people. Each person that completes the process should receive the "magic" link separately to complete their measurements.

This is really important because we need to send each person their own special measurement instructions.You should not have sandals for different sets of feet in the same checkout.


2. Why is the website is asking me to pay?

Your gift code should cover all the items you pledged for (not including insoles, see next question). If it doesn't, contact us and we will help resolve the issue. One common reason people are being asked to pay is because they are choosing the leather strap option which costs an additional $20.


3. How do I redeem my insole reward?

We sent out special codes to redeem insoles back in June. Your insole reward is not included on the gift code we sent in October. If you haven't received your insole code, send us a note at and we'll give you instructions to redeem insoles.


4. I purchased an extra strap and/or swag, how do I redeem it with my sandals?

This page has all the items for you to redeem. You can add multiple items to your cart (e.g. Sandals, extra strap, swag). Once you've added everything, you can checkout using your gift code.


5. You already have my foot measurements, do I still need to take my foot photos?

You will not need to retake measurement but there is still an important step. After you checkout, we'll email you a magic link that you'll need to click on from your smartphone. Once you click that link, the Wiivv app will open and connect your order (without needing to retake photos). But you still need to click the magic link to connect the order to your account.