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The fact that your feet are different is normal. The fact that you are in pain is not.

Issues with your feet can impact your entire body, yet most of us know virtually nothing about what’s actually going on down there. Fear not – Wiivv is an industry leader in custom footwear. We seriously know feet. And we can tell you about yours.

What’s going on with your arches?

Do you have a high arch? Low arch? How do you compare to everyone else? We can tell you all about your arch width, height, differences, and arch type. We’ll also tell you how this might affect your health and what to do about it.

Are your feet the same size?

We can tell you if your feet are different lengths or widths, as well as how to pick the perfect shoe size based on your unique feet.

How many other people have feet like yours?

No two feet are the same, but how do yours compare? Wiivv has one of the world’s largest collections of foot images, which means we can tell you how similar (or different!) your feet are compared to everyone else.

Learn about your feet

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