5 Ways FitMyFoot Can Replace Your Orthotics

5 Ways FitMyFoot Can Replace Your Orthotics

Repetitive Strain and Overuse Injuries: In a kinematic analysis done by a 3rd party, BASE custom insoles have been found to significantly reduce joint loading in the knee and hip – this could translate into reduced injuries and increased performance in athletic activities. BASE insoles give you more control through your full range of motion and help spread the impact force of walking and running to areas best suited for absorption.

When we first started out, we enlisted 100 superheroes on the WestCoast to stress-test and fine-tune our product. These people included: Deadpool stuntman Tommy Europe, Olympic Swimmer Martha McCabe, and Ultra Marathon runner Linda Wong. What we found was a significant reduction in their symptoms of:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Shin Splints
  3. Achilles Tendonitis
  4. Runner's Knee


Accessibility: Have a smartphone and a mailing address? Don't have countless hours to go back and forth from the doctors office? FitMyFoots are made entirely through an app on your phone. 2D images capture the unique contours of your feet through your smartphone camera. These images are then turned into a biomechanically correct, 3D printable file that we then turn into your custom insoles. Get yours today!

Comfort And Design

Comfort and design:

  1. Stabilizing heel cup delivers optimum stability, shock absorption, and comfort
  2. 'Hole in heel' design was created in collaboration with pedorthists to reduce heel raise, allowing our insoles to fit in more of your shoes
  3. 3D printed nylon shellis biomechanically enhanced to be lighter and more flexible, giving your foot the range of motion it needs, but providing support that you don't get with your shoes
  4. Micro-wicking top sheet with neoprene cushioning keeps your foot from overheating
  5. Anti-slip tread stops your insole from sliding down your shoe for maximum grip
  6. The 3/4 length shell delivers biomechanical neutrality, lessens pressure on the forefoot, and offers better stability
  7. Extremely low volume insoles that you can fit in virtually any shoe, as opposed to an orthotic are are really high volume

Price:The average cost to make a custom orthotic is $69... Customers usually pay 2x to 8x that, netting out upwards of $250 to $600 for one pair! Because our insoles are 3D printed, we save on manufacturing cost, allowing us to pass the savings on. One pair of BASE by FitMyFoot custom insoles will only cost you $75.

Customization and Ability to Reprint

Customization and Ability to Reprint: Like the way your FitMyFoot insoles felt? Want a second or even third pair for your other shoes? We got you! Your scans are kept on file and can be reprinted to duplicate your exact insole to send you another pair. We all have more than one shoe, don't we?! Comparatively, manufacturing custom, corrective orthotics is time-consuming and not repeatable, requiring a lot of modifications made by hand.

Get your custom insoles here: FitMyFoot.com/base

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