How Your Feet Affect Your Whole Body

How Your Feet Affect Your Whole Body

From alignment, to balance, to fatigue, your body truly does rely on your feet. But are your feet telling you more about your health than you realize? In short, yes!


Besides your core, your feet are the platform of a stable foundation. They are essential to almost everything in life that you do. Your feet are paramount to your overall health and wellness. Now only do they make up 1/4 of all the bones in your body, they have over 60 joints, and 200 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. As you can imagine, there is a lot that can go wrong! (See: 10 Types of Pain FitMyFoot Custom Orthotics Can Help)


Your feet are your body's structural foundation, and any problem with your feet will eventually affect your entire body. So what are the biggest things that your feet can affect?

  1. Posture: Poor posture can occur as a result of how you stand and walk. If these behaviors go uncorrected for too long, they usually result in foot, knee, and back pain. Custom orthotics can help to correct this behavior, and will most likely help common back, neck, and hip pain.
  2. Organ Function: Your feet actually help influence your organ health. The millions of nerves in your feet send messages to your brain, and if they are not functioning at an optimal level, your brain will begin to overcompensate. This will ultimately affect the main structures of your body, including those that hold your organs in place.
  3. Fallen Arches: Fallen arches result in poor alignment of your body. When your feet no longer have the proper arch support they need, there is nothing to absorb the shock that comes with each and every step you take. Therefore, over time, the stress will travel up your body and be placed on joints, like the knees and hips.


FitMyFoot Custom Fit Orthotics have been designed to counteract these problems. Our durable 3D-printed shell and orthotic foam top layer is designed to provide the cushioning your feet need to stay comfortable throughout the day. The custom heel pad and arch help to promote proper alignment and lessen fatigue, giving you a perfect fit that supports your unique foot.

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