Get Motivated Together:
The Best Running Apps for Couples

Running isn’t always fun, for some people it’s rarely fun, but it is incredibly rewarding. Getting to share the sport with your partner can add some motivation and fun to the mix because in a relationship, a common goal and being each other’s support is endlessly rewarding. Almost as rewarding as running regularly!

Sometimes running as a couple still isn’t enough to get you to strap on those running shoes regularly. So when the motivation is running low on both ends, where do you turn to get the kick in the butt or pep in your step that you need? We have a few ideas and they come in the form of apps.

  • Runkeeper– Get competitive together with incentive in the form of awards and leaderboards. As one of the most popular running downloads, this app has proven its worth to many runners worldwide. It connects to your devices and Spotify to make your run smoother and even offers customizable audio prompts. For the more seasoned and dedicated runners, you can use the paid versions of the app to get more in-detail training and guidance.

  • Inkin– This fitness program lets you set a fitness goal then compete as a team or against family, friends and others on the app. Many apps only connect to one tracker but the cool thing about this one is that you don’t have to have the same tracking device to connect, compare stats and compete with others. You and your partner can compete as part of a team or face off against each other in challenges to make things a little more interesting.

  • GymPact – Make money with your honey while getting in your runs regularly with Runkeeper. Money is definitely motivating so are you willing to gamble on yourself and your partner? Join in on challenge groups through this app. If you don’t meet the goal, you lose your money. Anyone who makes the goal splits the money lost by those that didn’t make it.

  • Zombies, Run! – Get in a good laugh at each other as you run from zombies and complete missions with this heart-racing app. You can start out with the free scenarios and if you like it enough, you can upgrade and get more games. If the best way to get you two running is a grunting and moaning hoard of zombies at your heels, this is the app to try!

  • Charity Miles – Get in your good deeds for the day together with this app that donates money to your favorite charities when you run. It’s super simple to set up and you have many choices for different charities. You don’t pay anything. As you track your runs, you will earn money and then after each run you can decide which charity to donate it to. What better way is there to make a difference on the daily while reaching your goals?

More Apps to Try Out:

  • PaceDJ– This easy to use little app does the hard work for you by creating customized pacing playlists that match your target exercise pace- what a way to stay motivated and in sync!
  • Map My Run– An accurate run tracker straight from your phone, with voice prompts, stat updates and the ability to save routes, this running app is super helpful and also allows you to share your stats and routes with friends and fam.
  • Myfitnesspal – Although it is not a running app per say, Myfitnesspal allows you to set goals, join challenges, track workouts in one place where you can share your progress with others and get encouragement from the supportive community.
  • Fitocracy– A super easy way to track your workouts and join fitness groups to find motivation and inspiration.
  • fitNshare – Join this fitness social media app to share your goals, progress photos and find inspiration with friends and fellow workout fans.
  • ThefitlyApp – Fitly makes fitness into a game where you can challenge yourself and others while earning points and rewards.
  • Pump up – This popular app will work within your goals and the time you have to help you get all of your workouts in.
  • FitROCKR – Bring out your competitive sides with this new app by joining a group and competing in leagues.
  • Nike+ - This app keeps you updated and motivated during runs with real time information and allows you to post your route and get encouragement from your community.
  • Yog – Sometimes having each other for accountability isn’t enough so joining Yog will let you join runners from around the world in real time for scheduled runs of different distances.
  • Fit Friendzy – Pick a challenge you want to join based on your goals and compete with and encourage each other and other users along the way.
  • Endomondo – You can easily connect many of your favorite fitness trackers, use the coaching feature, and share your progress with each other and your friends.
  • Every Move – This awesome app allows you to earn real rewards for yourselves or earn donations for charity.

Best running apps

Why Fitness Apps Work

Studies show that fitness apps can dramatically effect how well you can accomplish your fitness goals. There are several factors that go into these findings. The first is simply the fact that they are convenient and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Most apps focus on being efficient with time and taking on health and fitness in bite-sized pieces.

The second aspect of fitness apps that works so well is that they use game-like features that get people addicted to achieving higher levels or more rewards. Incentives that are either free or don’t cost much money to hand out have kept people coming back for more. The third thing that works so well with these apps is the price. Many people don’t want to pay for expensive training programs but they can get something similar through many of the apps on the market for a fraction of the price.

The Magic of Community

The effect of working out with other people is a mix of accountability and encouragement. Whether it’s the fear of being embarrassed or the praise and likes you get from your workout community, there’s no doubt that working out in groups is magically effective.

The beauty of using apps and social networks to connect your fitness goals to the outside world is that you can find encouragement among your own friends or even with strangers who share similar fitness goals. Being a part of a fitness community together will help motivate you both when you have a hard time motivating each-other.

Better than Date Night

Okay, nothing replaces date night, but it is generally true that couples who work out together see improvements in their relationship. Facing the challenges of running together will definitely help you grow as a team. Seeing each-other through the tough moments and encouraging the best in your partner is a great way to grow as a couple. Conquering obstacles and achieving goals is amazingly rewarding when you do it with someone you love.

best couples running apps

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