FitMyFoot Custom Fit Orthotics Vs. Off-The-Shelf Insoles


When most people experience foot, knee, hip, or back pain, they automatically grab a pair of off-the-shelf insoles. However, when faced between the choice of off-the-shelf and custom fit orthotics, there is a lot to consider.


Let's start by taking a look at the off-the-shelf insoles you would find in the drug store. There are a variety of companies making a variety of different devices that can be inserted into your shoe. These range from rubber heel lifts, to full-length inserts. Some of these pairs will have medial or lateral arch support, while others are designed just to keep your heel in place. Most pairs will describe the style of support they provide on the package.


Off-the-shelf insoles are designed around shoe size, and are mass produced. This makes them relatively cheap to buy. This mass production also makes them easy to find, and require a minimal waiting period to get at a low cost. However, keep in mind, the price is a reflection of the materials used. Cheaper the cost, cheaper the materials.


When you step on the machine in the store to analyze your feet, you get some cool data, however, you are still forced to pick between pre-fabricated pairs that are designed around a mold. Plus, if you do not wear a standard shoe size, or your feet vary in size, you will have to buy two pairs (which kind of defeats the purpose of buying an inexpensive pair). Because these products are designed for people with differing foot conditions but the same shoe size, specific corrections can't be expected. The lower cost material can also start to breakdown relatively fast, and before you know it, you are wearing a pair of insoles that is nothing more than a pillow for your feet.


FitMyFoot custom fit 3D printed orthotics are completely designed and individualized for your feet. Our system measures the length and width of your foot, and arch, and creates a custom solution for you. A wide range of high-end materials is used in our custom fit orthotics, from our 3D printed material to our custom orthotic top layer.


The main advantages of FitMyFoot is our personalized fit and individualized pair for your biomechanics. These factors have been seen to help reduce pain in your feet, hip, knees, and back. They have been designed to promote alignment, reduce fatigue, and help prevent injury. The 3/4 length means that you can fit your custom orthotic into every pair of shoes you have. FitMyFoot custom fit orthotics are also made in the comfort of your home through our 1 of a kind app. They are 3D printed in San Diego and delivered to your door in less than 10 days. Our 30-day guarantee means that if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your pair, we will work with you to get a new one – There's no risk!


We live in a day of instant consumer gratification, and with FitMyFoot, you have to wait for 5 days to get something awesome. There also isn't support for you in the store when you are trying to purchase. However, to remedy this, our care staff is available from 9-5 PST Monday through Friday. We also have fantastic resourced to help guide you through the process (See: How to Capture Your Feet With the FitMyFoot App).

Step into comfort today with your pair of custom fit 3D printed orthotics!

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