While we figure out how to beat the heat this summer, the scorching summer sun calls for some feet freedom from our sweaty shoes. However before you get excited and rush to step on that freshly cut grass and warm sandy beach, we at FitMyFoot have compiled just the list to take care of your feet in the summertime.
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Flip flops are a summer footwear favorite, but are they healthy for your feet and your body? Our FitMyFoot experts are here to help! In this article, we explain the benefits, drawbacks and what to consider when buying your first -- or next -- pair.
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You love wine. Your partner loves golf. How about a trip that includes both?We've looked across the country (from coast to coast) to help you pair the perfect winery with an awesome golf course/resort. Try one of our pairings or create your own!

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How are you spending your summer? How about switching up your regular summer schedule of boozy beach days to a fitness retreat? It’s an opportunity to improve your health and happiness, while enjoying the great outdoors. With that in mind, we at FitMyFoot have compiled a list of the top ten fitness retreats that are happening in the U.S. this summer. Have a look at our list and see if there is a good one in your area.
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