Celebrating What Matters Most


    Suitable for all types of feet, our insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue.


    Featuring custom arch support, adjustable straps, and a custom-placed toe thong.

Celebrating What Matters Most

Since arriving at FitMyFoot almost a year ago, I’ve heard countless stories from customers who have experienced life-changing results from our products. People like restaurant worker, Toshia Bryant who says she was “finally able to work a shift without back aches and having that tingly sensation throughout my feet,” to a customer in my own neighborhood who is in his cancer recovery journey and needed proper foot support to keep up with his physical therapy. These stories are what get us out of bed each morning, keep us from pushing the snooze button and fuel our drive to continue to push the innovation envelop in foot wellness.

As I've said before, I deeply believe in the foundation that FitMyFoot established during the first part of our journey, and I am incredibly grateful to continue working at a company with such a strong drive and mission, with an amazing and talented team of industry experts in biomechanics, engineering, technology, business and marketing. I am in awe of them every single day. And we couldn’t do what we do without our committed investors and partners who keep us going and bring fresh ideas and big-picture perspectives to further our mission.

We’ve come a long way in the past year. Most importantly, we redefined and rebranded our company to FitMyFoot with a vision that every person around the globe achieve optimal foot wellness. With that vision in mind, we mobilized quickly to create world-class products and experiences for our customers …


We launched the FootPrints newsletter, with a growing catalogue of tips and information about foot wellness and living a healthier lifestyle, as well as product news and offers. And we made the subscription free and easy, so people can get this information directly in their inboxes.

FitMyFoot App

We utilized the latest in 3D and computer vision technology to build a new FitMyFoot app to help people make smarter selections when shopping for shoes, sandals and insoles. The app provides an eye-opening, interactive 3D profile of your unique feet, including every angle and curve of each foot, along with your true size, width and arch measurements.

FitMyFoot Comfort Insoles and Sandals

We introduced a new line of semi-custom products for people who don’t have foot issues, but are seeking ways to live a more comfortable, active lifestyle. These are the people aren’t ready to commit to custom, but are ready to ditch their ineffective store-bought insoles and/or flimsy traditional flip flops for an upgrade to FitMyFoot.

Likeminded partnerships to help essential workers

Recognizing that workers on the frontline of the pandemic were on their feet during more frequent and longer shifts, we knew we had to do something to help. So, we formed partnerships with the One Eighty Foundation, UW Medicine, Anaheim Fire, and Community Cancer Fund to bring 500 custom insoles to essential workers who tirelessly supported the country through COVID 19.

I’d like to thank you – our customers and partners – who push us every day to ideate and innovate. Please keep your stories coming. They are our fuel today and into the future. In fact, as I type this, we are working on new foot wellness partnerships, products and services that we plan to release in time for the holiday season. Please sign up for the FootPrints newsletter to be the first to know.

As a special thank you for believing in our foot science over the last seven years, all FitMyFoot products are 25% off until August 6th, 2021 at midnight PST with the discount code ANNIVERSARYSALE.

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